Metalúrgica Lurga, Lda. (LURGA), based in Sacavém - Portugal, is a company that dedicates itself to the investigation, conception, production, commercialization and after-sales of machine formats for blister packaging machines and tooling. This is essentially for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our current management team was formed in 1968 after they had distinguished themselves by demonstrating their knowledge and experience in the sector of high precision tools.

Lurga supply tools for all types of compression machines, such as Bonals, Courtoy, Kilian, Korsch, Fette, Manesty, Sejong and Sviac as well as different formats for all the blister machines like Hulman, Ima, Marchesini, etc.

We intend to become a major supplier in the global market already recognizing that that our existing customers value our high quality products and consultancy that we provide.

Being able to provide our products at low cost without compromising quality, outstanding customer service, precision tooling and regular training, make our company one of the most advanced in the area of compression tooling.

Based on the number of employee’s, Lurga is considered a PME company.

Since the company’s conception we have continued grow our overall business by expanding into other European countries, Africa and the Middle East. Our growth and success has been achieved by certain differentiation factors over our competition such as:

- Know-how
- Research and development
- After sales service/support
- Quality

Although Lurga has 95% of the Portuguese market it exports about 80% into other European markets as well as to North Africa and the Middle East.

Currently with 40 people, Lurga considers that staff management as one of the strategic factors in developing the company.

In order to achieve this there are two important criteria:

– Selection of high caliber people and Continuous training.