We research, design and produce tablet-making tools for rotary and offset machines / punches and dies. We also produce packaging, formation, feeding, sealing and cutting lines options as well as Automatic and manual feeds for roll and sheet Blister Machines.

The high quality of the products manufactured by Lurga is already experienced by a significant number of multinationals companies; our success is based on the following factors:

- Use of top quality raw materials supplied by internationally certified companies;
- Advanced heat treatment technology with process control;
- High technology used in the machinery of the tools;
- 100% Quality control;
- Systems CAD, CAM, CAE, FEA, and constant R&D;
- Considerable know-how in the field of Rotary Presses;
- Continuous Investment in Research and Development;
- Regular training programmes for our Employees.

Lurga often operates directly with the marketing departments of its customers and together we develop a cost effective and achievable product that is fit for purpose (logos or monograms are included). In the case of the punches and dies, we can make some geometry suggestions supported by structural calculations for finite elements (FEA) and we collaborate in the choice of the material most appropriate for the compression of that product, and indicate the most appropriate coating if required. We ensure that standards of air and water-tightness are maintained at all times.

Because our high-yield tools are built to strict metallurgical specifications we can guarantee:

- High abrasion resistance in ramps areas

- Tight grip in the product formation area

- Oxidation resistance

- Compression strength

Due to forces of abrasion to which this type of component is subjected we use a special raw material that allows us to obtain a hardness at the forming edge of about 62 to 64 HRC.

Lurga produces complete formats for all the existing blisters in the International Market, and we are prepared to collaborate in the selection of the best option for the product to be package, while ensuring that standards of air and water-tightness are maintained at all times.


Lurga recently launched a rotary compression machine essentially designed for the Food Market. We also manufacture the respective punches and dies.

These machines are designed for the manufacture of broth/stock cubes where we have already gained significant business