Lurga uses the most diverse materials in order to meet the specific needs of the product to be produced at the lowest cost available without compromising quality.

R&D center in partnership with the Quality Department has a separate budget and has a voice at the highest levels of management to ensure the fundamental values of the company, which is total customer satisfaction.

Lurga uses different types of steel in the manufacturing of its tools, and the choice meets the strict criteria on the selection in several important points, such as resistance to wear, corrosion, compressive strength, toughness, resistance to shock, and sticking.

Quality starts at the project stage and Lurga can indicate the most adequate and appropriate materials regarding the tribological and corrosive characteristics and high compression force inherent to the product in question.

Concerns of adhesion, corrosion and high compressive forces are a current reality faced by various industries from Alimentary to Pharmaceuticals. At LURGA we have decided to increase our investment in R&D in order to provide our clients with a range of solutions in this area. Day after day, we study and test several different products and new materials to enable us to solve many of the existent problems.